zombie 4 blood vengeance Edit

Zombie 4 blood vengeance is the 4th film in the zombie series.It was directed by Andrew hay as the 3rd one was not a big hit.It is about a team of people to explore a mansion with only one returning alive.It ignores the third one.Capcom alowed it to have the residents evil 1 style.

plot Edit

Alice and her team which is called f.o.r.u.m. investigate an mansion.Alice partner Tommy finds a dead body.Alice tells him to go in the mansion and when he dose she shoots the bodys head as knowing he will become one.Then she is atacked by a zombie dog and flees inside the mansion.She dose not find Tommy anywhere and sees two zombie children eating a body.It is her caption and he mouths her to go.She dose and gos to an libary and finds her medic Fiona.Tommy then knocks Alice out.

Alice wakes up and finds herself in underground.She sees a tape and puts it on a nearby tv.It is revealed that an eight year old girl was experimeted by the goverment and made her into a monster.She is now 80 but she will never die.She also has a face of an victem.Relising that this monster will kill her Alice gos into an hallway.She then sees a man who quickly drugs her knocking her out.

She wakes up and is wearing an red drees and red boots.She then sees the man who is revealed to be Tommy.He says that The girl was his sister and he is a thousand years old.He says that he will bring his sister back to life by making her were red and doing an experiment on her.He drugs her again to carry her back to the place.She wakes up and sees herself in a cage with zombies trying to get in.Alice quickly relises she neads to escape.Then all of a sudden a monster who has a womans face.The monster screames mo ther.Alice backs away and is grabed by millions of zombies trying to get in.The monster is about to kill her.

sequal Edit

This movie was to have two parts.