Terry is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak of the 2004's remake Dawn of the Dead. Before the outbreak he worked as a security guard for the Crossroads Shopping Mall and searched shelter there alongside C.J and Bart long before Ana's group arrived. Other than C.J and Bart he was friendly towards Ana's group and helped them to get the control over the mall. He became a resourceful member of the group and always helped the best he could. He formed a relationship with fellow survivor Nicole.

Character and Personality Edit

Terry is a friendly and caring person that is relatively shy. He used to get bullied by Bart and was intimidated by him. When Ana's group arrived he was willing to help them instantly but was overpowered by C.J and Bart. He helped the group to get in charge over the Crossroads Shopping Mall and became a confident member of the group. When the truck with the survivors arrived, Terry was willing to help them and take them in. His caring side is shown when Nicole's father died and he took care of her and started to protecting her. He is also very uncertain in some situations like when Norma was shot to death by Andre he wanted to shoot her in the head even though it wasn't needed. When it comes to difficult decisions Terry acts very brave and gets himself in danger for the group.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Terry has killed:

  • 5 zombies

Trivia Edit

  • Terry is possibly the last member of the Crossroads Shopping Mall security guards to be alive.
  • Terry, alongside with Nicole, Kenneth and Ana, is probably one of the four characters to survive.
  • Terry's actor Kevin Zegers plays another character name Melvin in "Fear the Walking Dead".