Beth and her crew try to record the goverment why they quarantined.Beth asks an soilder why and he says no reason.Beth then takes matter to her own hands and acidently opens the door and lets the zombies out.Beth surivives with her camaraman Harry.Harry and Beth escape to an building and lock their door so the zombies can't get in.Harry turns from a bite and Beth kills him and post's the video they recorded on you tube to tell the world.At that second zombies burst in and get Beth who is eaten.

Chris and his wife Jessica are on a vacation.Jessica asks about news on the sorority house.Chris says no.When Jessoca lets a terrified woman in,She aks who is she.The woman is Gail and she says not to go outside.At that second,The zombies burst in,Leaving Chris and Jessica to leave Gail to her death.They run to the sewers and stay there til dawn comes.They get up and are attacked by zombies.

Jessica escapes with a bitten Chris,Who turns.Jessica escapes and locks herself in a bathroom as her undead husband trys to get in.Jessica climbs out of the window when he burst's in.Jessica runs to an car and manages to hotwire it as zombies chase the car.She runs out of gas and locks herself in a grocery house.She meets up with surivivors Noel and Katie.Katie is pregnent.

The 3 work on where they are going next.Katie says they need to go to the hospital.Katie says no as there will be more zombies that way.Then zombies try to get in and the 3 escape to an room.Jessica gos up in the roof.Katie gos into labor but turns and bites Noel.Jessica then is the last one standing on the roof.

Jessica then waits on a helicopter or any rescue that night.A helicopter picks her up.They head to one of the last remaing human surivivors base.Jessica is then tested by the suriviors.Jessica then learns she is going to be killed for an cure.Jessica trys to escape but is knocked out by an woman named Abby.Abby is the leader.

Jessica wakes up tied into an bed.Abby walks in and Jessica screams as Abby holds up a butcher knife,Ready to kill her.