Role in day of the dead Edit

Sarah was an tough woman in day of the deaD.However the zombie outbreak infected her as she has bad dreams about them.When she relises that dr logan is experimenting on zombies and sees guts falling down,Her nightmares worsen.When Sarah and Jhon discover Drlogan experimenting on Bub they are shocked.However they are found out by the team that hates them so much.This makes the most horrifying day the world has ever knowen as the zombies manage to smash in.

Sarah,Jhon and Miguel manage to escape through helicopter.When Sarah  is about to get on a zombie grabs her.She wakes up and relises it was a dream.The calender you see through the film is showen with Sarah.Sarah finaly says october is over.

The acter's disagreeing Edit

Sarah's acter wanted her character to be an emotinal girl who would scream at anything.Though george romero says this wil be distracting.