Night of the Living Bread is a short film parody of Night of the Living Dead, directed by Kevin S. O'Brien.

The plot is familiar to viewers of zombie movies and those casually acquainted with the genre: the dead come to life, spreading their condition throughout the United States, and preying on the living. However, in this 8 minute film it is not the dead that become re-animated, but bread. This short is also included in "Special Collector's Edition Digitally Remastered 2 Tape Set" from Anchor Bay Entertainment and the "Millennium Edition" of Night of the Living Dead by Elite Entertainment, the only DVD version of the film currently available that is authorized by George Romero.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Following the plot of the first film, two people are attacked in a cemetery when slices of bread hurl themselves at them. They escape in their car as bread throws itself at them from offscreen. They make it to a farm house where they and others are besieged by rampant slices of killer bread. One gets smothered to death, leaving behind a white bread-strewn corpse. News reports speculate that an explosion at a bakery thus animating--as opposed to re-animating--all manner of bread. Even Communion Wafers attack people when priests using their Churches as Emergency shelters lead Mass. The group then barricades their sanctuary farmhouse, using toasters instead of torches to frighten off the bread and barricading the doors and wall with sandwich bags instead of boards. The two women go into the basement to keep safe, not knowing that there is a lunch bag next to them. The bread kills them and one of the men leaving only one person. At the end of the film, the sole survivor is smothered by the bread.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • One of the credits says BREAD PLAYED BY ITSELF.
  • No speciallist lighting was used.
  • During the early 1990's the film was sometimes shown on American Network T.V. after the Night of the Living Dead remake.

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