Vital statistics
Species Human
Occupation Housewife
Age 30s
Eye Color Blue
Height 6ft
  • Andre (Husband)
  • Unnamed Daughter
  • (Both Deceased)
  • Status Dead
    Appearances Dawn of the Dead (2004 film)
    Portrayed By Inna Korobkina

    Luda is a character in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.


    Luda was a woman of Russian descent. She was married to a petty criminal named Andre and was pregnant with the couple's first child.

    Dawn of the DeadEdit

    Luda is first seen with her husband and a man named Michael after he shoots at a police officer named Kenneth and a nurse named Ana he thinks are zombies. She appears to be 8 months pregnant. When she arrives at the mall she is attacked by a undead security guard. She is shown to have been scratch on the arm and when it is found out her husband keeps it from the group. In a few days and weeks she goes into labor and dies from her scratch. She reanimates as a zombie and quickly tries to bite her husband. When Andre is able to restrain her, he delivers a baby girl who has become a zombie and her husband suffers a mental breakdown. After Norma shoots her in the head, they killed each other.

    After all their deaths, the rest of the survivors hold a memorial service with the bodies of the family and Norma on the floor, covered by plastic sheets.


    Luda bears some similarities with Roger from the original Dawn of the Dead. Both characters become infected from zombie attacks, go through the advanced stages of infection for a certain period of time, and then reanimate as zombies before they are killed by other survivors. In Roger's case, however, he would have turned anyway if he died from an injury not involving severe head trauma. Both characters are also buried in the mall and are also given memorials.