• Joey Hazel is a main protaginist in Return of the living dead part 2

He is played by Thom mathews

Joey was working for Ed at the time of the outbreak and was exposed to 245 trioxen while he was in the cementary. As the zombies were rising from their graves they encountered a reanimated corpse and Joey tried to kill it by ramming a crowbar in his head but it reacted like nothing happened. As they escape they realise that there is more than one of them and Joey defends himself and Ed by hitting the zombies with a tree branch. As Ed, himself and his girlfriend Brenda escape they run into jesse wilson's estate and warn some of the civillains about the zombies. After they meet Jesse, Tom and jesse's sister they escape using doc mandels car with him in it. But as time goes on Joey and Ed scumb to the effects of the gas and Ed turns into a zombie As Brenda leaves the other group behind she leves Ed on the side of the road and is attacked by a reanimaed Joey. After a quick run away Brenda lets Joey eat her brains and thats the last we see of Joey.

It is possible he was one of the zombies killed during the finale or he escaped the town and survived.


    • Thom Mathews played Freddy in the original and James Karen played Ed in this movie and Frank in the original
    • Thom mathews hated being in the second movie so much he said the only good thing about it was the craft services