plot Edit

Kate dame is an fbi agent who is working on the Mountain killings.She and her partner Jhonny find some bones.These bones are the dna of Kate dame.Confused Kate trys to investigate why her bones are here.They are atacked by zombies and they all escape to an underground passage.They find more bones all their dna related to Kate and Jhonny.

Kate then finds a skelton and screams.Then millions of zombies smash in and try to get them.Jhonny takes his life for Kate to escape.She is then traped in a room and sees a paper with writeing.It is revealed that she is traped in time and will see the future all the time.Kate,horrified slowley gos back and is then killed by a zombie.The books end with Kate being discovered in skelton form.Then a year later Kate is then seen with her partner going into the case of the mountain killings.