Plot Edit

The book begins with teenagers relaxing on the beach.These teenagers are Linda,Tommy,Lance and Barbra.When Tommy wants a beer he sends Linda to get it.Linda then sees a weird man who is just walking about.Linda asks what is wrong with him and the man atacks her.Linda just escapes and runs to the others.They all then see dozens of zombies.They then see a cabin and all run to it.

They barricade the cabin and see a shotgun lying of the floor.When a zombie smashes in Lance shoots the gun.It hits its heart and is still avile.Barbra who is scared silly,Runs out and is atacked by ten zombies.She trys to get back but is knocked down and eaten.Tommy runs to the back door and is killed by his mother zombie.Linda and Lance struggle to keep the zombies out which results Linda being carried away into the horde.Lance horrified,Runs to the basement but is killed by an unknowen zombie.

reception Edit

The book was just as bad as the first and the series nearly ended.