Dr Rausch was a doctor of the OGN during the events of Dawn of The Dead, and had multiple appearances on television, discussing the zombie outbreak and how to deal with it. His lack of empathy and strict logic based solutions and arguments put him at odds most of the time with the host of the news host and it's live network.

Rausch was first seen on a previously recorded interview, explaining the behavior of the zombies. He further went on to say that it would be pointless for people to attempt to reason with the undead regardless of them being family members or friends of the survivors, as they simply could not comprehend advanced emotions and thinking processes and would simply respond with homicidal aggression. Dr. Rausch greatly expressed the need to kill zombies on sight, as they pose a serious threat to humanity.

Millard Rausch is later seen in a live interview on the television as Peter and the other survivors in the mall tend to Roger's illness. He ended up getting in multiple heated arguments with both the host of the show and it's live audience over his solutions to the zombie crisis, one in which he proposed feeding them, and the other which involved having the government use it's nuclear arsenal on all of the country's main cities. Rausch pointed out that at this time in the zombie outbreak there are no other alternatives and the crisis must be dealt with as soon as possible, or humanity will face it's end.

After this interview, we do not see Dr. Millard Rausch again, leaving his fate to be unknown. As radio and TV broadcasts stopped shortly after this, it is possible that the news station was overrun by the undead, however, there were soldiers and police stationed at the building, so it is unlikely the undead were able to get in, or were even in this part of the city, unless a mob in the thousands or even millions overran it.

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