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Children of the Living Dead is a 2001 film. George A. Romero, director of Night of the Living Dead and its subsequent films, had nothing to do with this movie. As such, the film was possible because Romero's writing partner, John Russo, retained rights to make his own series of Living Dead films.

This film is notable only for Tom Savini's appearance as a zombie killer in the beginning and for its near-unanimous poor reviews; the film itself is generally regarded as a bad imitation of the original, though many of the zombie rules are not followed. The actors' performances and the quality of the movie itself, which contains almost no background sound, have earned this a D classTemplate:Fact from critics.


Serial murderer and rapist Abbot Hayes disappears from the morgue and becomes the leader of several waves of zombies that attack his home town. Fourteen years after the last zombie attack, a businessman relocates bodies from a local cemetery to pave the way for progress, but sets in motion Abbot's next undead assault.


  • Tom Savini as Deputy Hughs
  • Marty Schiff as Deputy Randolph
  • Damien Luvara as Matthew Micheals
  • Jamie McCoy as Laurie Danesi
  • Sam Nicotero as Dusty
  • Heidi Hinzman as Candy Danesi
  • Philip Bower as Joseph Michaels
  • Tom Stoviak as Gregg Peters
  • A. Barrett Worland as Abbott Hayes
  • Justin Krauss as Steve



  • Deputy Randolph gives Matt and Laurie the history of zombie activity within the diner. He explains that the first outbreak was in 1969 (Night of the Living Dead was 1968). He then says that the second outbreak was in 1986 (The Return of the Living Dead was 1985).
  • After the screening the Directors Cut of the film (Tor Ramsey), Karen L Wolf took the film away from Ramsey, hired a new editor and even looped many lines in order to restore her original script, which had been changed considerably for clarity.
  • The Director, Tor Ramsey once offered a written apology to those who "wasted 90 minutes of their life" watching the film.
  • Cast member Heidi Hinzman is a relative of S. William Hinzman, the "cemetery zombie" from the original Night of the Living Dead.