Ana Clark is the protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak of the 2004's remake Dawn of the Dead. She was married to Luis Clark who died in the early state of the outbreak. When the outbreak began she fled in her car and crashed against a tree later. She grouped up with other survivors and found shelter in the Crossroads Shopping Mall. She served as the group medic and took care of several injuries. She eventually formed a relationship with Michael that lasted until his death.

Character and Personality Edit

Ana is a strong and fearless woman that reacts very quickly and helps the people around her. When her husband got bitten she quickly took care of his wound and tried to safe his life, but failed. After he reanimated she realized that she has to flee and did this afterwards which proves that she reacts quickly. She adapted to the "new world" very fast and tried to convince C.J that they have to work together. When they got the power over the Crossroads Shopping Mall, Ana serves as the group medic and patched up several wounds and tried to safe lives. After the unnamed woman died and reanimated Ana didn't hesitate and quickly put her down by stabbing her in the eye, proving her quick reactions once more. After this incident Ana recognized that people, who got bitten, will reanimate and told this to her group moments later. With the time Ana formed a relationship with Michael, another survivor of the group. When it comes to difficult decisions Ana always tries to help and bring her knowledge and ideas into the conversation.

Killed Victims Edit

This list shows the victims Ana has killed:

  • Unnamed Woman (Zombified)
  • Andre and Luda's Baby (Zombified)
  • Steve Marcus (Zombified)

Trivia Edit

  • Ana, alongside with Terry, Nicole and Kenneth, is probably one of the four characters to survive.
  • Ana is one of the few characters whose last name is known.